SCIENCE has demonstrated the intelligence of every atom that constitutes so-called matter .
The intelligence of the inorganic , or cell- salts of the blood is the crowning miracle of the wonders Of the human body .
The Phosphate of Potassium (Kali Phos.) is the mineral base of all nerve fluids and therefore a deficiency in this cell salt disturbs the brain centers .
The Phosphate of Lime (Calc . in its union with albumen ,forms bone . Albumen is the organic substance and lime the mineral , which , by union , manufactures bone tissue .
Nonfunctional or imperfect bone is the result of deficient
lime salt .
Sodium Chloride (Nat . Mun ) , absorbs and distributes water in blood and tissue .
Sodium Sulphate (Nat . eliminates an excess of water : one molecule of Nat . Sulph . having the atomic rate
o f motion that eliminates , o r casts out, two molecules of water .Thus the fluids o f liver are kept in normal consistency .
Potassium Sulphate (Kali is the mineral base Of Oil , and when there is the proper amount o f this cell- salt in the blood oil is properly distributed, and health maintained.
The Phosphate of Iron (Ferrum molecules arecarriers of oxygen through the circulation , form red blood corpuscles , and give strength to tissue that forms th e sheath
of nerves and walls of blood vessels .Sulphate of Lime (Calc . builds the cells Of thelungs and when this salt is deficient the cells become brittle ,disintegrate and are thrown out, producing the condition Phosphate Of Magnesia (Mag .is a constituent Ofthe white fibers of nerves . A lack Of proper balance of thissalt causes sharp, Shooting pains , cramps or imperfect heartaction ; these different sensations are words or dispatches from brain centers calling for rein forcements .Space will not permit a full expose of the marvels Of operation of the twelve cell- salts , but a complete story of the chemical action maybe found in Dr. Carey’s books of Bio Chemistry
By- Dr George W Carey, Book- The Wonders of the Human Body

The #twin #within

Everything is dual in nature. Either be a Man or Woman each have dualistic nature both masculine and feminine. The imbalance of a particular energy in our body or the imbalance of each one of these male or female hormones lead to neurosis, but also the outward energies from our surroundings and the movement of the constellations plays an active role too in the biological and mental fitness in each person. For example- If a patient feels manic in summers he or she also feels depressed in the winter season and its common not only neurotic patients but also in normal people…

#Dreams #Mirror #Reality

We have lived in a practical belief that dreams are useless and meaningless. Each dream reflects the things happening in our physical life,psychic life and biological life too, There has been studies and researches about, how if an organ is not functioning properly has a relationship with our dreams. Amongst many examples , 2 example I would like to present here is :

A man was asleep and few droplets of water were sprinkled on his face, when he woke up he explained  that he dreamt of rain in his dreams and so forth.

In one case, a man dreamt of falling from a mountain and after few months he went for climbing a mountain and he died falling from the mountain. 

According to the above example of the Man falling from a mountain, it was a psychic message to him which he denied in his reality…

Be watchful of your dreams !

#Ancestors #Roots #Metaphysics

We know that genes are the reasons of who or how we are, according to our new age researches. If we look at it from the perspective of metaphysics, as it says that “what you think is what you get” which in My view is correct , what about the conditions/family in which a child takes birth,can we not say that if there are genetical  roots for ancestry there must be vibrational roots too as the child can think before being born or I might say collective vibrational result at certain time for the birth of certain archetype at a certain place .  We have seen most of the predictions of Nostradamus being right even about Donald Trump becoming The President of America at a certain time and with his clown archetype…

#Medications & #Sunstance related #Disorders

We seldom know that our everyday medication & the medication for mental disorders are suppressing our symptoms in one way but making us more sick than curing them.The medications which causes substance related disorders are multiple, some of them described in DSM are –

Anticonvulsants / mood stabiliser




Anti Parkinson’s medication

Cardiovascular medication

Chemotherapeutic agents

Non steroidal anti inflammatory medications 

Antidepressants Medications 

Gastrointestinal Medications

Antimicrobial medications


Muscle relaxants and many more…

#Self #Hypnosis #MirrorĀ 

Self hypnosis mirror method, discovered by Milton Erickson. Its a method to dive deep into your subconscious and to befriend your inner self, to access the wisdom of your unconscious to train it ,to questions it & to know it. Sit in a chair facing a mirror in front of you for 20 minutes, look at yourself talk or ask for the solutions for your problems in your everyday life, you may ask to build good habits & many other things can be done by this method. For psychological therapeutic purposes its best to perform this method as it acts to make unconscious behavior conscious just by talking to yourself for 20 minutes and focusing on negative and positive traits of your personality during the conversation and by knowing the traits you will be much able to understand what’s going within you , who you actually are! In this way  the equilibrium of your mind gets balanced.

#NLP #Visual #Programming

Our eyes are the primary sense organ to collect any data or information from our surrounding for most of us, here I’m going to explain how and in which ways it acts on our perception of anything even if we are not conscious about the data itself but still it changes our perceptions of emotions and feelings. Example: I called a person for meeting, talked to the person for few minutes & asked him to get out of the room and come back after two minutes. Now I placed some flowers in the corner of the room. The person came back into the room again and I asked, do you feel any difference, and He said yes I feel better here. Then I told him about the flower kept in the corner, And he was amazed!


Audio,Visual & Kinesthetic, These three sense organs helps you to know something by watching , listening or feeling and each sense organ gives us information in unimaginable ways. I will be explaining the examples of these sens organs in the ways it can be used or are used by different individuals…

#NLP #Mentalframe

Neuro linguistic mental frame is the set of thoughts involved in a given data just like this image for some its a fish but also looks like an avacado or may remind of it or else. Different Individual think,feel and perceive in their own way. Our perception determines how or what we think and our thoughts determine how we perceive of each information provided to us through people,animals,places and things.